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Raumschiff Enterprise

When German television bought Star Trek, the series was dubbed and retitled Raumschiff Enterprise (Spaceship Enterprise). It's easy to find a list of the German episode titles but there doesn't seem to a list of the titles translated back into English for us dunces who spent school German lessons defacing the textbooks and sniggering at the pronouncation of Vater.  With this in mind I contacted Jeremy Phillips who speaks German to a level far beyond my feeble, "ein bier bitte" level and he translated all 79 episode titles.

Season 1
Episode German Title Translation Premier
The Man Trap Das Letzte seiner Art The Last Of It's Kind 28/9/87
Charlie X Der Fall Charly The Charly Case 9/2/74
Where No Man Has Gone Before Die Spitze des Eisberges The Tip Of The Iceberg 6/10/73
The Naked Time Implosion in der Spirale Implosion In The Helix 5/10/87
The Enemy Within Kirk : 2 = ? Kirk : 2 = ? 22/7/72
Mudd's Women Die Frauen des Mr Mudd The Women Of Mr Mudd 21/9/87
What Are Little Girls Made Of? Der alte Traum The Old Dream 19/10/87
Miri Miri, ein Kleinling Miri, A Little One 2/11/87
Dagger Of The Mind Der Zentralnervensystemmanipulator The Central Nervous System Manipulator 26/10/87
The Corbomite Maneuver Pokerspiele Gamble 7/10/72
The Menagerie Part 1 Talos IV – Tabu, Teil I Talos IV – Taboo, Part I 16/11/87
The Menagerie Part 2 Talos IV – Tabu, Teil II Talos IV – Taboo, Part II 23/11/87
The Conscience Of The King Kodos der Henker Kodos The Executioner 9/11/87
Balance Of Terror Spock unter Verdacht Spock Under Suspicion 12/10/87
Shore Leave Landeurlaub Shore Leave 30/11/87
The Galileo Seven Notlandung auf Galileo 7 Emergency Landing On Galileo 7 14/10/72
The Squire Of Gothos Tödliche Spiele auf Gothos Deadly Games On Gothos 23/3/74
Arena Ganz neue Dimensionen All New Dimensions 14/12/87
Tomorrow Is Yesterday Morgan ist Gestern Tomorrow Is Yesterday 27/5/72
Court Martial Kirk unter Anklage Kirk On Trial 10/6/72
The Return Of The Archons Landru und die Ewigkeit Landru And Eternity 21/12/87
A Taste Of Armageddon Krieg der Computer War Of The Computer 28/12/87
Space Seed Der schlafende Tiger The Sleeping Tiger 21/10/72
This Side Of Paradise Falsche Paradiese False Eden 4/1/88
The Devil In The Dark Horta rettet ihre Kinder Horta Rescues It's Children 11/1/88
Errand Of Mercy Kampf um Organia Battle For Organia 15/12/73
The Alternative Factor Auf Messers Schneide On A Knife Edge 14/12/87
The City On The Edge Of Forever Griff in die Geschichte A Grasp Of History 18/1/88
Operation -- Annihilate! Spock außer Kontrolle Spock Out Of Control 25/1/88

Season 2
Episode German Title Translation Premier
Amok Time Weltraumfieber Space Fever 12/1/74
Who Mourns for Adonais? Der Tempel des Apoll The Temple Of Apollo 4/11/72
The Changeling Ich heiße Nomad My Name Is Nomad 1/7/72
Mirror, Mirror Ein Parallel-Universum A Parallel Universe 22/2/88
The Apple Die Stunde der Erkenntnis The Hour Of Insight 15/2/88
The Doomsday Machine Planeten-Killer Planet Killer 24/6/72
Catspaw Das Spukschloss im Weltall The Haunted Castle In Space 1/12/73
I, Mudd Der dressierte Herrscher The Trained Master 26/8/72
Metamorphosis Metamorphose Metamorphosis 17/1/73
Journey To Babel Reise nach Babel Journey To Babel 16/9/72
Friday's Child Im Namen des jungen Tiru In The Name Of Young Tiru 1/2/88
The Deadly Years Wie schnell die Zeit vergeht How Time Flies 29/2/88
Obsession Tödliche Wolken Deadly Clouds 29/7/72
Wolf In The Fold Der Wolf im Schafspelz Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 8/2/88
The Trouble With Tribbles Kennen Sie Tribbles? Have You Heard Of Tribbles? 23/9/72
The Gamesters Of Triskelion Meister der Sklaven Masters Of Slaves 14/3/88
A Piece Of The Action Epigonen Epigones 8/7/72
The Immunity Syndrome Das Loch im Weltraum The Hole In Space 3/6/72
A Private Little War Der erste Krieg The First War 7/3/88
Return To Tomorrow Geist sucht Körper Spirit Seeks Body 29/12/73
Patterns Of Force Schablonen der Gewalt Patterns Of Force 25/7/99
By Any Other Name Stein und Staub Stone And Dust 11/11/72
The Omega Glory Das Jahr des roten Vogels The Year Of The Red Bird 21/3/88
The Ultimate Computer Computer M5 Computer M5 15/7/72
Bread And Circuses Brot und Spiele Bread And Circuses 26/1/74
Assignment: Earth Ein Planet genannt Erde A Planet Called Earth 2/9/72

Season 3
Episode German Title Translation Premier
Spock's Brain Spock's Gehirn Spock's Brain 4/4/88
The Enterprise Incident Die unsichtbare Falle The Invisible Trap 12/8/72
The Paradise Syndrome Der Obelisk The Obelisk 18/11/72
And The Children Shall Lead Kurs auf Marcus 12 On Course For Marcus 12 23/2/74
Is There In Truth No Beauty? Die fremde Materie The Alien Matter 9/9/72
Spectre Of The Gun Wild West im Weltraum Wild West In Space 23/8/88
The Day Of The Dove Das Gleichgewicht der Kräfte Balance Of Power 12/1/74
For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky Der verirrte Planet The Lost Planet 18/4/88
The Tholian Web Das Spinnennetz The Spider's Web 17/6/72
Plato's Stepchildren Platons Stiefkinder Plato's Stepchildren 25/4/88
Wink Of An Eye Was summt denn da? What's That Humming? 3/1/73
The Empath Der Plan der Vianer The Plan Of The Vians 11/4/88
Elaan Of Troyius Brautschiff Enterprise Brideship Enterprise 20/10/73
Whom Gods Destroy Wen die Götter zerstören Whom Gods Destroy 9/5/88
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Bele jagt Lokai Bele Hunts Lokai 2/5/88
The Mark Of Gideon Fast unsterblich Almost Immortal 26/5/88
That Which Survives Gefährliche Planetengirls Dangerous Planet Girls 19/8/72
The Lights Of Zetar Strahlen greifen an Rays Attack 5/8/72
Requiem for Methuselah Planet der Unsterblichen Planet Of The Immortals 9/3/74
The Way To Eden Die Reise nach Eden Journey To Eden 30/5/88
The Cloud Minders Die Wolkenstadt The Cloud City 23/5/88
The Savage Curtain Seit es Menschen gibt Since There Were Humans 25/11/72
All Our Yesterdays Portal in die Vergangenheit Portal To The Past 6/6/88
Turnabout Intruder Gefährlicher Tausch Dangerous Exchange 13/6/88

Jeremy also offers some notes:

A Piece Of The Action: An “epigone” is an inferior follower of an artist and his work.
The Lights Of Zetar: “Rays Attack” is the actual title. Not a description.
That Which Survives: “Dangerous Planet Girls” – a lost Ed Wood film.
The Galileo Seven: “Emergency Landing on Galileo 7” – yes, on. This was changed to “by” for the DVD.
Space Seed: “The Sleeping Tiger” is such a brilliant title for "Space Seed”, I’m only going to call it that now. It was also an Avengers episode with Ronnie Barker.
Elaan Of Troyius: “Bride-Ship Enterprise” doesn’t translate well, since it’s a riff on the series title “Raumschiff (Spaceship) Enterprise”.
Wink Of An Eye: “What’s that Humming?” is the best title of anything ever.
Dagger Of The Mind: “The Central Nervous System Manipulator” is the clunkiest.
The Devil In The Dark: “Horta Rescues its Children” is the stupidest.
Arena: “All New Dimensions” comes from the same translator as “Rays Attack”
The City On The Edge Of Forever: The double meaning of “A Grasp of History” translates rather nicely.
Operation -- Annihilate!
: “Spock Out of Control” – 23rd century version of “Girls Gone Wild”.
The Apple: “The Hour of Insight” – no, me neither.
Mirror, Mirror: “A Parallel Universe” – “Rays Attack Some More”
The Omega Glory: “The Year of the Red Bird” – someone’s been at the schnapps.
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield: “Bele Hunts Lokai” – “Rays Continue to Attack”

Having a look at German Wikipedia, the transmission dates are a bit weird. Half the episodes, apparently selected and sequenced at random and covering all three seasons, were screened 1972-4. All but two of the remainder were then not shown until 1987-8. The Cage was shown in 1993 and Patterns of Force (the Nazi episode, in case you’d forgotten) in 1999.
Incredibly, the first episode of Star Trek shown in Germany was Tomorrow is Yesterday.

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Thanks, Jeremy (Theremy). Some final thoughts
German television channel ZDF showed I, Mudd the second Harry Mudd story in 1972, 15 years later in 1988 it showed Mudd's Women, the first story.
On three occasions when stuck for inspiration the translator goes down the Doctor Who route of naming an episode Something... In Space. Catspaw (The Haunted Castle In Space), The Immunity Syndrome (The Hole In Space) and Spectre Of The Gun (Wild West In Space).
When channel SAT.1 showed The Cage on 25/10/93 it was called Der Käfig 
which disappointingly translates back as The Cage.
Der Zentralnervensystemmanipulator
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